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Cloud Assessment

Cloud Assessment

What Is A Cloud Assessment?

A cloud readiness assessment is an overarching process that encompasses organizational readiness, application discovery and application assessments to determine how ready everything is to embrace cloud technologies. The primary goal of a cloud readiness assessment is to provide you with a list of applications that can be moved to the cloud smoothly, following a prescriptive cloud application assessment process following which you will be in a position to move the rest of the business on the cloud.

The Process


• Application & infrastructure overview
• Identify systems and review of the infrastructure and management tools deployed across
• OS, License, Compliance, Regulatory

Data Collection

• Infrastructure data collections
• Application data collections
• Technical audit and analysis


• Analysis of all collected data
• Findings documented


• Comprehensive report on cloud opportunities and readiness
• Determine recommended solutions and migration strategy based on findings

The Benefit

Cloud Readiness Assessments Will Properly Prepare You For A Successful Migration to the cloud.
Successful Cloud Migrations Begin With:
• Knowing which of your applications are cloud-ready today.
• Understanding your application stack and its inter-dependencies.
• Assessment trends and analysis
• Readiness& feasibility score card


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