Ecocloud Competenceis

Ecocloud - Microsoft Gold Parrtner

We proudly announce that we are now a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, an official recognition by Microsoft confirming our ability and effectiveness in helping customers across a range of IT Products and services.


This is a recognition that with our 24 hour access to Microsoft we can provide reliable and high level support to our customers in Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions


What is Microsoft Gold Certified Partnership:


A Microsoft Gold certified Partnership means that we Microsoft has and recognizes and extensive profile of Ecocloud Services Pvt. Ltd., has verified our competence with evidence from at least 5 customers, assessed our competency both as a company and as individuals every year.


We have consistently demonstrated a high degree of commitment and proficiency, our team is empowered with extensive and direct training and support from Microsoft, making us exceptional in bridging the gap between customers' vision and their technological capabilities. Our consistent and  high quality solutions in the Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions have earned this prestigious recognition.


This recognition gives us access to the tools and resources that support this focus.

You can trust us for your long term technology strategy.


Why Competencies:


Microsoft Competencies are here to help you identify the right partner proficient in specific Microsoft technologies. For this Microsoft has created specializations for Partners. We specialize in Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions  this means that we can help you adopt the Office 365 and its best in class productivity and security suite and help you along the way at every step. You can count on us for ongoing support. This platform is a must have if you want to empower your people to conduct business form anywhere.


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