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Cycops Managed Security Services

Our Managed Security Services help identify critical security flaws in the Network, Web and Mobile layers of your apps and infrastructure and plug holes in record time.

Companies have limited time and resources to help secure them from cyber events. They cannot protect themselves 100% from every risk that they face. Use Cycops Solutions security risk assessment to provide you with an ideal and simple way to identify which risks you face, what impact that might have on your company and how likely these risks are to occur. Armed with this knowledge you can then direct your resources and efforts to manage the risks you face in a structured and meaningful way.

What is included in Cycops Managed Security Services?

Risk and Compliance Assessment

Many companies either don’t take a risk-based approach to their information security or focus their risk assessments at a very granular level – e.g. perimeter risk assessment.


This approach potentially ignores the strategic context for an organization’s information systems and the potential risk to that organization of compromise, breach or loss of that information system or service.


Cycops, highly experienced and qualified consultants perform risk assessments of Information security taking into account key factors and context such as the core business of your company, its mission values and the markets it operates in.


Our assessment identifies all information assets in scope, the threats to those assets, existing controls employed and exposures due to lack of controls for known risks. We then perform a highly structured standards based risk evaluation based on likelihood of attack and impacts of the events to your company.


Finally, we recommend a series of specific, prioritized risk mitigation measures and activities. The focus of this engagement is for a C level audience within a company.


Not only our service help reduce overhead in your security team, a vulnerability and access risk management solution will reduce your risk of an attack and save you what could be millions in the case of a breach.


Risk and Compliance Audit


Comprehensive Security Audit

Comprehensive Security Assessment

Quite often companies utilize legacy and ad hoc approaches to their Information Security. This results in weaker security, increased costs and poor governance.


There is a need today for many companies to organize their approach and management of Information Security to a best practices framework in order to appropriately protect their Information assets, to demonstrate to internal and external stakeholders such as audit, risk & compliance and supply chain.


ISO27001 is one of the de-facto recognized standards that provides a systemic approach to companies, management and operation of information security. Achieving ISO27001 accreditation demonstrates to your stakeholders that you have an effective approach to information security.


Using ISO27001 as an overarching security management framework is also an effective way to coherently manage and prevent compliance sprawl arising from industry and legal compliance regimes such as GDPR, PCI/DSS and SOX.


Cycops ISO27001 compliance service assists companies in getting accreditation either from green field or through the audit and re-accreditation service. Cycops has one of the largest pool of trained, accredited and experienced ISO27001 consultancy teams in India.


Our team has a highly effective ISO27001 compliance attainment program that helps an organization to attain and maintain ISO27001 accreditation in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Business Impact Analysis

A precise Risk Management and Compliance program is essential for any organization to be successful nowadays and safeguard its assets are protected. In today’s complex IT security environment, organizations have many challenges managing their risks and ensuring their business is compliant with ever increasing industry standards such as: PCI DSS, HIPPA, FISMA, GLBA and ISO. A constantly evolving regulatory environment paired with ever-changing security solutions creates a challenging landscape for your organization to succeed. You need a Risk Management and Compliance program to operate more efficiently, enable effective information sharing, more effectively report activities and avoid wasteful overlaps.


You and your team of IT executives are challenged to stay above the fray and balance compliance needs with security costs. Risk Management


Cycops assimilated approach to helping clients in regards to governance, risk management and compliance offers a high level of focus in detecting and adhering to regulatory compliance. Our skilled security consultants ensure high priority issues are addressed appropriately and develop successful strategies to match regulatory requirements, including PCI DSS, ISO 27001, SOX, HIPAA and many others. We utilize enterprise performance management to ensure engagements are completed in a thorough yet timely fashion.


Business Impact Audit Services

Why choose Cycops?

Cycops Managed Security Services adds the capabilities of a whole experienced department to your IT assets. We have a team of passionate specialists that will provide your business with amazing, yet cost-effective security solutions tailored to your exact requirements. We are driven to give our clients the support and reassurance they require to keep their IT systems and their businesses running smoothly at all times.


We tailor each test to your type of app, using industry-standard tools and methodologies. So if you need to test your application security as part of PCI DSS, GDPR etc or just want to protect your brand, our mobile and web application penetration testing is a good way to increase customer trust and loyalty.


Our process includes several steps, such as reverse-engineering, security controls and application logic, dynamic analysis, inspection of application traffic and locally stored data, examination of the server-side components, and so on.


During the testing process, security engineers look at the application from an intruder’s viewpoint and try to devise and launch their own intrusion.


Our expert penetration testers will analyse all aspects of your web or mobile application to remove security weaknesses. This helps identify and prioritize organizational risks and works towards a secure software development lifecycle.