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Email Migration Services

Want to migrate your email solution, but don't know where to start? Ecocloud provides flexible Email Migration options to help meet your technical and budget requirements.


We have experienced experts who can migrate your email without loss of critical information. You have access to our consistent, reliable customer support to help you out with any unforeseen circumstances.


What We Do

Whether you choose a Self-Service or Assisted Migration, our team of migration experts backs you every step of the way.

Email Migration Service

What to expect during and after migration?

Getting you email data migrated with Ecocloud Services is easy. For Office 365 Email, the free email migration assessment is carried out by our team before the migration to identify the risks, dependencies and vulnerabilities and also to identify the best way to migrate to the new service.


For Microsoft 365 Email, you have the option to migrate yourself locally via Outlook, or Request an Assisted Migration with our specialists.


Migration times vary per customer. Some migrate in hours and others migrate in days or weeks. The migration process is a partnership between you and the Ecocloud Team. Please consider your availability and resources when planning your migration, as they will be needed for the testing phase of the migration and will impact the overall timeline.


We use a combination of automated tools and experienced professionals to perform the migration. At each step of the migration, we stay in close contact with your team to help you get a successful outcome.


Every migration is tested to ensure that the data is not lost.

Our course of action:

We Make It Secure & Simple To Sign Anything

PLAN - Our experts discuss Business needs and evaluate current environment

TESTING - We run connectivity tests to your live environment and verify user accounts

MIGRATE - We Copy your live server without impacting your environment or performance

GO LIVE - The Migrated environment goes live with proper MX records pointing in the new direction

2ND PASS - To make sure not to miss any differential data we run an additional migration to capture



End to End Managed Email Migrations include

A dedicated migration specialist to help manage your migration project

Flexible migration plan options

Updates from your specialist throughout the entire process

Simple tools for easy configuration of mobile devices and email client

Learn more about our migration options. Reach out on the coordinates below:

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