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Managed Antivirus and Web Protection Service

Ecocloud Services is now a Sophos Managed Service Provider. With deep expertise in managing Cloud Infrastructure Services for Customers since 5 Years such as Microsoft Office 365, Azure and AWS Workloads, We are well placed to offer Security Products to our customers at an affordable Monthly Billing Model. Ecocloud manages the Security of your Endpoints completely with very little or no involvement from you thereby freeing up your time to run your Business.

Sophos offers a comprehensive threat protection securing your business from online threats and a formidable suite to clean-up infected systems.

Why Managed Antivirus and Web Protection?

Today's Complex Cyber Threat Landscape requires a next-gen approach to combat the advanced persistent tactics used by hackers. It offers the Industry's most comprehensive suite of integrated next-gen solutions including endpoint, server, network, mobile, Wi-Fi, email and encryption products. Backed by machine learning and artificial intelligence, Sophos products share information in real time and automatically respond to incidents. For Example, if Sophos Endpoint detects a Threat it shares information with wider security system. XG firewall automatically isolates the affected device while Intercept X cleans up the infection.

In addition to providing the license to the above products, we manage the licenses on your behalf for a nominal fee. This frees up your time and resources which can be spent on developing your products and business.

What do we do?

For organizations like yours, managing all the licenses, keeping track of renewals, switching service providers, switching brands, etc. can be a daunting and error prone task. If in you miss out on renewing a vital service like Antivirus, it could expose critical systems to malware and malicious agents.

We manage the antivirus licenses and web protection licenses and subscriptions on your behalf and take care of renewals, switching service providers and brands for a nominal fee.

We make sure that your service doesn't lapse and that your systems are not exposed to malware.

To know more, reach out to us on the coordinates below, or fill the form and we will get back to you.

Cycops mobile application penetration testing service can identify vulnerability within Android, iOS and Windows applications. Our PoC Lab maintains an up-to- date mobile application security testing tools and utilizes a combination of both physical devices and mobile device emulators to achieve comprehensive security test coverage. We adopt an integrated approach that combines the strengths of manual penetration testing, jail-breaking technology and mobile platform appropriate tools to identify security risks before they are exploited.