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Managed Backup and Disaster Recovery

Affordable, Powerful, Secure, Managed Cloud Services
Ecocloud's Managed Back-Up & Disaster Recovery Services provide a powerful, proactive, and intuitive suite of customized business continuity solutions. Our services offer comprehensive, cost-effective, real-time recovery designed specifically with Indian businesses in mind, no matter how large or small. We keep your data and applications protected and current by continually backing it up with redundant systems and leveraging market-leading cloud technologies to keep it safe and secure. Pay as you go; there are no upfront costs, and there’s no need to provide your credit card details upfront.

What we do:

We will custom make a plan of action on leading technologies to fit your unique needs and existing resources. You’ll get a quick, local backup and offsite recovery, as well as a fast streamlined installation and setup. It’s an easy way to keep everything current and turn the clock back after a disaster on your recovery time objective (RTO).

What we offer:

• Robust and fast backup and recovery software
• Internal or external data storage with enough room for all your data and applications
Off-site and secure replication using industry-leading, standards compliant cloud technologies

What you get:

• Block level snapshots with incremental data capture
• Recovery points* available to within an hour, every hour
• Advanced compression technology to maximize hardware utilization
• Native backup and restore of Microsoft SQL and Exchange
• Restorations to cloud-based virtual machines available with a vendor of your choice
• Standby virtual machine available on demand
• Restore to dissimilar hardware
• Tape storage or no tapes - your choice
• Quick response from personalized customer service
• 24×7x365 highly professional and experienced tech support
• A good night’s sleep knowing you are in capable hands
• Full management of your complete solution with backup verification and regular DR testing
*Recovery Point frequency is in your hands to decide as per your needs

Why choose us?

Ecocloud gives you:

• Super-fast offsite enterprise-grade backups
• State-of-the-art data de-duplication and compression to save space
• Continuous back-up to standby virtual machines available on demand
• Offsite backup to cloud-based hosting with vendor of your choice
• Reduced service calls for failed back-ups
• Complete process end-to-end management by Ecocloud Services
• No upfront costs
• No Credit Card required

• Huge choice of backup solutions
• Vendor agnostic backup solutions
• Strong tech support SLAs
• Help with load migration
• No long term commitment required


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