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Perk Payroll


Perk Payroll - Simple. Reliable.

Payroll processing is one of the most mundane tasks of the HR department which can take up most of the productive time meant to be applied to core issues of the human resource department. Under such circumstances, switching to online payroll software not only makes business sense, it may translate to an increased employee satisfaction, lesser risk of error, and greater flexibility.


We, at Brio, offer the Perk Online payroll software , which is easy to use, reliable, and effective. Our payroll software gives the employer the flexibility to process employee payrolls anytime from anywhere. Our online payroll solution is easy to understand, does not require regular maintenance, and accounts for your statutory compliances as well.

The Perk online Payroll software not just takes care of the error-free salary calculations but also offers other features for

Personal Management

Our online payroll software makes it possible to consolidate all your employee information at one place. The employee records of all your past and current employees are available at your fingertip, so that it can be retrieved at the click of a mouse.

Attendance Management

Perk online payroll software is compatible with all the tools for timekeeping and attendance so that it becomes easy to calculate the attendance at the time of payroll processing. This also removes the need for the personnel department to manage employee time and attendance.

Leave Management

Easy to implement your leave policies and manage employee leave management online. All the leave applications, leave approvals and leave accumulations can be easily managed online through email notifications. Only leaves compliant with your policies are accepted.

Loan Management

Our payroll software integrates the feature of loan management with payroll processing so that it becomes easy to keep a track of your employee loans, advances and their timely deductions. This simple, easy to implement loan management makes arrangements for automatic scheduling of deductions based on EMI and recovery date.


Payroll processing is important as it affects the bottom-line of your business. In general, employees are very sensitive when it comes to errors in payroll and timely and accurate payroll payments. So, error-free and timely payroll processing boosts the employee morale, which is possible with the reliable Perk Online payroll software .

Employee Self Service

The employee self-service, a part of the Perk payroll software enables the employees to view information and update details, view payslips and statutory deductions, participate in opinion polls, submit savings and investment details for taxation, and view latest news and announcements.

Statutory Compliances

Perk online payroll software helps an organization to comply with the rules and regulations related with PF, PT, ESI, TDS and other laws governing the businesses. The software automatically takes care of your deductions, withholding and contributions under laws that are applicable for your organization, which are also updated from time to time.


Our salary software also makes it very easy to handle the complicated task of conveying announcements around to all the employees of the organization. Sending announcements can now be facilitated without the need of paper notices or emails. It makes possible quick and easy sharing of company announcements and news.


For organizations that carry out operations in multiple locations across different countries, it becomes difficult to manage their calendars because of varying holiday lists across locations. Perk payroll software allows such organizations to maintain multiple calendars for the different employees so that holiday lists can also be shared.

User Management

Perk payroll software provides comprehensive features to manage user base so that only the right people have access to the right information. The challenging task of data security becomes easy with the consolidation of this feature with the payroll processing. Making task delegation easy.