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Microsoft 365 E3

Microsoft 365 E3

Most, if not all businesses today have numerous repetitive tasks that could be made more simple and seamless with the right business applications. Organizations need modern solutions that integrate disparate systems and data sources and simplify their everyday business processes. While Microsoft has built many tools for developers and power users to equip these organizations, helping customers transform their business processes doesn’t stop there. Organizations need system integrators and ISV’s to help deploy these technologies in innovative and functional ways to help our customers achieve their unique business process transformation goals.

Microsoft 365 clubs productivity, mobility, security with intelligent cloud services to revolutionize the way you work.

Microsoft 365 License and its Benefits

What you gain from Microsoft 365 Licenses

Everyday more than 300,000 pieces of malware are released into the world. It is vital to protect your data in the face of such an onslaught. Further with the enforcement of GDPR Regulation since May 2018, your business must be compliant with international conventions and rules.
Microsoft 365 is part of the efforts of Microsoft to modernise the workplace with its new unified cloud based solutions that include O365, Enterprise Mobility and Security and Windows 10, the best and safest Windows yet. Your vision of Digital Transformation in your work culture is one of the central goals of Microsoft 365. Get immediate access to business software and productivity solutions like Outlook, Word, Teams and many more.

Microsoft 365 License: Benefits To users

They have access to the latest versions of their software on all devices, at all times. The security aspects of Enterprise Mobility and Security features are non-intrusive and this is a huge attraction for people who bring their own devices.

Microsoft 365 License: Benefits To Administration

MS 365 allows you to manage O365 as well as the EMS settings, users, policies, rules and compliances form a single powerful, easy and intuitive console. The Cloud Portal is accessible form any device anywhere at any time making the life of an admin that much easier.

Microsoft 365 License: Benefits to Business

The security and data protection features of MS365 are ISO 27001 and GDPR Compliant. With MS 365 you can rest assured that your employees are empowered to work efficiently using the latest business tools and that your data is safe and secure at all times and at all points.

Security benefits of Microsoft 365 License:

MS 365 keeps both o365 and Windows apps up to date, continually updating them with security and other updates. You have access to the safest versions of the apps and also the latest features.

Enterprise Mobility and Security is GDPR Compliant and allows you to delete sensitive company data stored in user devices, whether they are owned by users or by the company. The EMS provides comprehensive Mobile Device Management Framework which protects your data across every single company device. All your PCs running Windows 10 can be centrally managed with an easy, intuitive and powerful admin console. Speaking of Windows 10, Windows Defender Antivirus and BitLocker keep your data safe and encrypted. You can replace your passwords with Windows Hello facial recognition or your fingerprint and two factor authentication.

Re-imagine productivity

Connected experiences boost productivity and foster a culture of cooperation and collaboration.

Engage your employees

Create a dialogue between leaders and employees with Microsoft Stream, Microsoft Teams, and Yammer.

Transform workplace collaboration

Collaborate in one central hub for meetings, chat, and content-sharing and co-authoring with Microsoft Teams.

Make insightful decisions

Use data to make informed and insightful decisions with Workplace Analytics and MyAnalytics.

Usher in a data-driven culture

Empower employees to extract meaningful understanding form the data with Power BI, Excel, and Visio.

Streamline your business

Integrated workflows transform how your business operations and deepen customer relationships.

Centralized apps, workflows & data

Integrate your cluster of business apps with Microsoft Teams.

Automate repetitive tasks

Take your existing processes and transform them with Forms and Flow.

Digitize your workflows

Customize, extend, and build apps easily and quickly with PowerApps.

Protect against threats

Smart security proactively protects your employees, data, and customer info.

Secure the access to your enterprise

Secure user identities and access with Azure AD and conditional access.

Defend your digital assets

Defend against and quickly respond to threats with Microsoft Threat Protection.

Safeguard your critical data

Employ Information Protection and Cloud App Security to guard your information.

Risk management and response

Use our built-in compliance solutions to assess your compliance posture and reduce risk.

Pick the right productivity suite for your business

Intelligent security proactively protects your employees, your data, and your customer info.